Supreme Queen of Hearts Costume for Women


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A Royal VeinIt has never been easy to sit on the throne. Luxurious? Maybe. Enviable? Totally. But it’s never been easy. First, a queen must inspire respect while not encouraging her subjects wrath. Secondly, she must make sure her kingdom looks just right for visiting dignitaries. Can we blame her for getting upset when some foolhardy cards are caught painting the roses? Whether based in oil or acrylic, paint can’t be good for any kind of plant! Then there’s the factor of keeping everyone occupied. You try to play a great game of croquet but nothing works out. The balls keep moving on their own and your flamingo sticks keep squirming.Actually, now that we think about it you should probably get a regular croquet set. It won’t set your kingdom’s treasury back too far, they’re constantly going for about ten bucks at garage sales. Just have one of those paint-enthused cards paint your set gold and your frustrating yard game troubles will be over. Being a royal doesn’t have to be that much trouble. Rule with a fresh note when you’re taking the Wonderland throne when you’re wearing this lush gown. Product Details & DesignThis unique look is has a lush Made-By-Us design. The stiff-collared bodice is covered with red sequins. The center structured panel is patterned with spades and hearts, it’s trimmed with gold fabric and gold ruffles along the sweetheart neckline and sweet puffed sleeves. The skirt falls from the waist, it has a red overskirt with gold ruffles around the hem. The black skirt falls down to the floor with card symbols and gold ruffles around the hem. You’ll even get the long pair of gloves for a gorgeous royal look. Wonders Never CeaseThere’s a reason we can’t get over the characters of Alice In Wonderland. It’s easy to make this look into a group costume. Pair up with Alice, the Mad Hatter, and even a Cheshire Cat. It’s about time a little wonder escaped from out of that dreamy rabbit hole!