Suitmeister Solid Blue Mens Suit


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Feeling Blue?The color blue gets kind of a bad reputation. If you’re said to be “feeling blue,” it means you’re down in the dumps. As far as we know, the color blue came to be associated with sadness because water is blue, and tears are made of water. It’s not a terribly sophisticated reason, but it makes a little bit of sense. However, we don’t think it’s fair. Blue is a beautiful color and should be able to represent happiness too! What’s so great about warm colors anyway? Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, and lots of pretty flowers, birds, and butterflies. It’s also the best flavor of slushy drinks and candy. What’s more fun than turning your tongue blue?Product DetailsBlue is a color that makes us happy. If you feel the same, this Suitmeister solid blue suit might be great for you! The jacket, pants, and tie are all a beautiful azure that will get you out of that dark and dreary suit mindset. The pants have 2 front pockets and 1 in the back to carry all your sunshine, and a little elastic on the sides of the waistband to get the best fit possible. Just like the pants pockets, the tie is real, so you will have to know (or learn) how to tie it if you want to wear it traditionally. You could also wrap it around your wrist or something, but we’re not sure how well that would work.The Color of CalmAlthough people tend to associate blue with sadness, they also associate it with calm and content feelings. That sounds like a nice color to have in your wardrobe. Expand your blue beyond the spectrum of navy with this Suitmeister solid blue suit! You can always mix and match the pieces with a traditional suit if you prefer something a little more understated, or you can check out our other brightly colored suits if you’re looking for even more excitement!