Suitmeister Mens Solid Green Suit


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It’s Not That Easy…As our favorite singing frog points out, lots of things are green. He begins his song feeling a little sad about how much he blends into things since he’s not a “flashy” color. But as he goes on, he starts to realize that lots of green things are pretty awesome, and decides he’s happy being what he is. While it’s true that a lot of things in nature are green, the color doesn’t really blend into many other settings. For example, if you’re at a formal event, a shamrock shade will probably stand out! (Unless you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but let’s be honest, who celebrates that with a formal event?)Product DetailsIf you’re looking for a suit option that helps you think outside the box (the black and blue box, that is), try this solid green suit from Suitmeister. Join the ever-growing list of celebrities breaking out forest, olive, and more for the red carpet with this jacket, pants, and tie combination. Sport this set to show your love of nature, display your jealousy, represent riches, or just to have a bit of fun with a brighter color. You could also use this suit as a base for your own creative twist on a DIY costume. Maybe something like “flying boy who never grows up goes to prom.” (We’re sure you’ll come up with something better.)The Green-Eyed MonsterYou can turn everyone’s eyes green at your next event with this Suitmeister solid green suit. (Not literally! We mean they’ll be jealous of your style. We do not recommend rubbing this suit in anyone’s eyes.) Make it even more fun with a pair of flashy shoes or shades, or mix and match pieces to express your true colors. We hope you’ll have a great time in this traditional item with a less traditional style!