Suitmeister Christmas Trees Men’s Red Shirt


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Evergreen StyleWe wouldn’t call this dress shirt chic or sophisticated but we would call it timeless! There’s nothing that says Christmas like a brightly lit evergreen tree. It symbolizes people coming together. It brings light to the darkest time of the year. And most importantly, it houses all those brightly colored presents under the tree! If you’re looking for a holiday staple that you can break out every holiday season, this is the perfect, evergreen shirt for you!Product DetailsThis Christmas Tree Shirt from Suitmeister is a bold red with a scatter print of Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, and snowflakes. Fitted like a dress shirt, the body of the shirt has a modern tailored fit and a castaway collar that looks great with a tie. This cotton shirt is machine washable and easy to iron, just like the rest of the shirts hanging in your closet, only with a holly, jolly twist!12 Phases of ChristmasAre you wondering if buying Christmas clothes is right for you, since Christmas only comes once a year? Understandable! But here’s the thing, the Christmas season is long and full of cheery events! Break this baby out starting on Black Friday and moving on to Christmas tree shopping, hall decking, work parties, and friend parties, skating parties, and finally Christmas Eve! The best part is, it’ll be there for the next Christmas season as well. This evergreen look will be there for whatever the holidays throw your way for years to come!