Storm Cloud Costume for Kids


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“It was a dark and stormy night”Every spooky story starts this way. In a fashion, the storm cloud is the star of thousands of spooky stories. They’re the reason people go into the haunted house, they give that dark attic some attitude, and that ghost story around the fireplace some flavor.When your child dresses up in this storm cloud costume he’s sure to take on a thunderous personality. Whether your kiddo wants to be the catalyst that drives the stranded travelers to seek shelter or he is simply an enthusiastic part of the water cycle, this cloud has character. The facial expression of the cloud isn’t the face a cloud would make when producing a halfhearted sprinkle. No, this is the face of a deluge, a determined storm that just might be taking down some major tree branches. This storm appeared from nowhere on a summer day and has people scrambling to take down their laundry hanging on the line and cart in their lemonade stands.You always thought your kid was a force of nature, now he can embrace it. This is the one time when tantrums are allowed because you can’t stop the storm, the storm stops you. Although in this costume your kid will most likely let the clouds facial expression do the talking, he’ll be too busy making wind and rain noises to fully take advantage of the tempest attitude. So whether you’re looking for a unique weather related Halloween costume of your child is taking the school play by storm, we’ve got you covered. But not literally; if you don’t want to get drenched, bring a poncho.