Stitch Peruvian Hat


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Stitch, was that you?Do they have a mind for mischief and a heart of gold? We have something that will match their spirited personality. Just like Stitch, do they always have trouble in tow or should we say—always in a “Stitch”-uation? (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) This hat makes it easy to pick them out of a crowd and be one step ahead of the shenanigans! Whoever fits this description for you is as loveable as it gets, but first and foremost they are family, and “family means nobody gets left behind.” This hat is perfect for ice cream on a cold day, impersonations of your favorite Disney character, or impersonating your favorite Disney character impersonating Elvis. No matter their antics, this will be the most unique winter hat they’ll own and it will keep their ears warm! It’s a win-win “Stitch”-uation. (We promise that was the last one.)Product DetailsThis hat is designed to fit most human-sized Experiments. The Stitch Peruvian Hat is made with polyester knit fabric for maximum comfort. Carefully embroidered on the front are Stich’s eyes, nose, and mouth. His alien ears are sewn on to either side and a braided cord hangs from each side. This officially licensed product will make the recipient of it feel whimsical and warm. Wait—what is that—this hat is for you? We should have guessed that you were the mischievous Experiment all along!