Stitch Me Up Nurse Costume for Women


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Stunning Style…STAT!There are a lot of reasons you may be drawn to this Women’s Stitch Me Up Nurse Costume—maybe you just finished your nursing degree and want to pay homage to your hard work and long nights of studying this Halloween. Maybe you’ve watched one too many televised medical dramas. Maybe you have a hunch that tonight’s big bash may require a bit of…healthy oversight. Or maybe you just love to take good care of people—and look great doing it! Whatever the reason, this costume is the answer to your Halloween prayers! It’s classic, sassy, and eye-catching, and it’ll make you feel like a helpful heroine the moment you put it on. So brush up on your nursing lingo and hand over the oversized scrubs, because if anyone deserves to let down their hair and have some fun for a night, it’s you! After all, you’ve taken such good care of so many people, isn’t it about time you get to shine? Sure it is!Design & DetailsThis look is exclusive to us and totally ravishing. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore…except, our costume studio did! The white shirtdress creates the perfect base for this retro-inspired nurse’s uniform. It fits snugly, ties at the waist with an equally-crisp white sash, and buttons down the front from collar to hemline. This costume comes with a red cross on the chest and coordinated nurse’s cap, and also boasts cuffs on the short sleeves. Pair it with red heels and a stethoscope, syringe, or clipboard accessory and prep yourself to strut through the door in style!Nurse’s Orders Step aside, doc! There’s a new lady in charge. Tonight, the whole crew will be listening to your calls and heeding your advice on just how to raise the pulse on the party. After all, you’re obviously the expert!