Steampunk Men’s Shoulder Harness Accessory


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Deflect the DullSome worlds apparently enjoy heavy and bulky pieces of armor that hardly can catch the glint of the sun. Just imagine how awful that must feel to be bound up in plate armor while you’re standing next to the steam engine that’s keeping your whirlybird aloft! Why—that’s almost as terrible as not having any shoulder pauldrons at all! It simply wouldn’t do for you in your Steampunk style. Fortunately, you won’t have to warp to the Neo-Victorian age to get geared up this time!Product DetailsMake sure that you’re in true Steampunk attire when you wear this Steampunk Shoulder Harness accessory. This shoulder harness straps under your arm and features two layers of faux leather to provide a classical look for the modern age. The secondary arm cuff fastens with a buckle and connects to the underside of the pauldron. Accents and buckles along the top allow for customization with the unique baubles you collect on your adventure as well!Look Out of this WorldWhether traveling on steam-powered airships or blending the past and future together, you’ll be geared up for any conflict this Steampunk Shoulder Harness. Add another cog to the steam machine with our other Steampunk accessories and sail into the gentle skies in your otherworldly style.