Steampunk Cane Prop


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Every dream requires a dreamer. Maybe that’s why this detailed Steampunk Cane features a molded plastic head that looks an awful lot like a metallic skull, churning through fantastic ideas with the help of all those gears! Because even though we tend to think of a steam-powered retrofuture as a pretty great place to visit, nowhere is perfect. Buried under the gleaming machinery of all those clever contraptions, we’re sure that there’s at least a hint of the darkly-obsessive or macabre.That’s just the way that stories go: if the hero is a gifted but naive up-and-coming engineer, there’s got to be a villain to balance the scales. So whether you’re an earnest tinkerer who’s lost himself in a mechanical labyrinth of his own brilliant inventions, or you’re the diabolical mastermind who’s built a dark secret into the turbine-driven heart of a floating city, this cane is a solid choice when you need somebody to lean on!