Star Wars I Am R2D2 Skater Dress Women’s Costume


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We would trade our normal human skin for the ports and hatches of R2D2’s cheerful metallic exterior in a heartbeat, but we have to imagine that it might be a painful transformation. And droid parts can be so expensive! So for now, we’re kind of stuck in the body we’ve got. But at least there are less invasive options, like this awesome I am R2D2 Skater Dress!And who knows what the future might hold? In twenty years, we might be beeping and whistling about our outfits in Binary instead of typing in English on an old-fashioned keyboard! That’s what’s great about science fiction: the possibilities are limitless—and more often than not, they involve charismatic little robots. But you don’t have to wait for the future or travel to a galaxy far, far away. You can get this great dress right here, right now!