Staked Latex Vampire Applique


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High StakesSo you want to be a fierce vampire this Halloween. You want a lifelike look with a real stake in the heart. That’s great, but listen, there are really only two ways to achieve that very tricky look for Halloween. The first way is to somehow become a real vampire (and it’s a process that can take months or even years, trust us) then to actually have someone put a stake through your heart (In which case, you’re gone. Finished. Kaput). OR, you can use makeup and fake teeth to make yourself look like a vampire, and then add this Staked Vampire Latex Applique to your costume. Yeah…it’s kind of a no-brainer right? We’re glad you see it our way! Product DetailsLots of people “become vampires” for Halloween, but few take it to this level of detail! This latex prosthetic includes application and removal instructions. It requires spirit gum to apply and a special remover, but it’s totally worth it. Look at that effect! There’s no doubt who the most committed vampire in town is—it’s you. Well, except for your friend, Herb, who decided to go with the first option, above. Herb was very committed. But ultimately, you made the smarter choice!