Staff Ace of Spades


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The Ultimate Ace of SpadesListen, we’re not going to tell you how to use this Ace of Spades Staff. You can certainly pair it with your Alice in Wonderland Card Soldier Costume to serve the King of Hearts. That’s a great way to use it! It’s what most people will use this neat accessory for. But… if you wanted to, say, dress up like Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, head to karaoke, then queue up “Ace of Spades”  and wave this staff in the air as you do a dynamite rendition of the classic metal song… well, we’re not going to stop you! Either way, you’re going to love having this simple staff at your side!Design & DetailsSimplicity is the key when it comes to this Ace of Spades Staff! The staff is made out of molded plastic and comes in 5 pieces that twist together. The top of the staff is shaped like a common black spade from a playing card, which makes it the perfect accessory to pair with some of our costumes inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll novels. And, as we mentioned before… you can totally use it to fuel your karaoke experience if you like!