SpiderMan Adult Neck Gaiter


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Superheroes Wear MasksSpider-Man knows the deal. He wears a mask! Of course, he’s a superhero, so he has a ton of incentives to wear a mask. If anyone catches a glimpse of his secret identity, it could be a pretty messy situation for him. That’s when supervillains start really mean things, like showing up at Aunt May’s doorstep, playing ding-dong ditch, or prank calling Mary Jane when she’s expecting a callback from her latest audition!But these days, it’s never a bad thing for us non-heroes to have a mask at the ready! If you want to help reduce the spread of germs, or if you just need a unique look to pair with your own Spider-Man costume, then this Spider-Man neck gaiter might be the mask you’ve been looking for!Product DetailsThis simple neck gaiter is designed to fit over your face, but it can be worn around your neck when you no longer need to wear the mask! The exterior is bright red, just like Spider-Man’s mask. It also has the black webbing designs and the spider symbol on the bottom. Just toss it around your face and you’ll be able to protect your secret identity as you do your part!