Spider Web Table Doilies


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Haunting Sense of StyleAs a child, you remember messing with the crocheted doilies resting on the arms of your grandmother’s chairs. Their dingy white color always lifted to reveal bright upholstery that hadn’t seen the light of day is who knows how long. And you loved it. It made you think about haunted places and lingering spirits. You vowed to have the pretty, yet eerie, decorations in your own home one day. But, it turns out, doilies aren’t really your style. At least the dainty version grandma used aren’t.Product DetailsCombine your love for all things spooky with the fond memories of grandma’s house with these Spider Web Table Doilies. Shaped like a creepy web you’d find in any haunted home and colored black to fit any modern or Halloween décor these simple decorations are sure to become a staple in your décor. Jazz up your dining table or turn your coffee table into an eerie place for candles and remotes with the doilies that fit your aesthetic!Web Spun DecorWhether you’re decorating for a Halloween party or want to give your home a unique look all year round, these Spider Web Table Doilies have you covered. Make grandma proud while putting a spin on her sense of style when you add these clever doilies to your décor!