Spice Rack Bra


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A Matter of TasteWhen it comes to the finer things in life, you know what you’re doing! Your home is full of leather bound books and mahogany. In your free time, you listen to smart talk shows, smooth jazz, and classical music. And, oh boy, when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant, you really know what’s up. Well made steak tartare and rare chicken kabobs are right up your alley. Sure, you might get some odd looks but that’s just because other people don’t have the natural good taste that you have. It makes sense that you’d want a convenient way to carry all that hoity-toity flavor. Get your culinary opinions off your chest and onto your plate with this lovely spice rack!Product DetailsKeep all the spices on hand… well… on torso, that is. A lovely brassiere keeps your spice staples in place. Show off your sense of humor as well as your culinary interest for a look that’s sure to cook up a little conversation!Stir It UpHeading to a party? You’re sure to spice up any event with this simple punny costume. And who knows, you might even get a few cooking tips while you’re in disguise. Who knew all the different ways caraway seeds could be used!