Spartan Spear Costume Accessory 60 Inch


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Real battle is some serious business. Pretend battle is even more serious business. You don’t know what will happen when you go LARPing. That really buff Russian guy might show up again with his Damascus sword. Just come on man! That thing is 1. too heavy to swing around, and 2. it’s not safe to be swinging around. But you’ll show that show off with this Spartan 60 Inch Spear.You won’t have to worry if you can lift this spear in front of your fellow LARPers. And you won’t have to worry about accidently stabbing someone, because it is a fake spear. Just make sure you practice swinging it around behind your back, and doing those flippy tricks so you can look like a kick butt warrior when you see that bulky Russian coming to the field. LARP safe friend, LARP safe.