Sock Hop Cutie Costume for Women


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Doesn’t it seem unfair that the people of the fifties used to go to dances almost weekly while high schoolers these days only have three to four dances a year? Old timers are eager to criticize today’s youth for their lack of formal dance training but of course, kid’s aren’t going to learn the fox trot when they only get together once every quarter. The thing is, it’s pretty fun to know a couple dance moves, especially when it comes to swing dancing! While shimming and waving your hands in the air under the speckled lights of the dance floor is just fine, the people of the fifties had their public dances down to an art. An onlooker could watch couples spinning each other with ease and grace, shuffling together in group dance-offs, even flipping each other into the air, that is if they could keep themselves from joining in! With all that flipping, it’s no wonder that kids were expected to take off their hard-soled shoes, no one wants a Mary Jane to the face when they’re pulling off a White Russian aerial. Whether you’re headed to a sock hop, you’ve scored a part in a local musical, or you’re celebrating Halloween in that 50’s style. This ensemble has an electric blue poodle skirt with a tulle hem that matches the polka dot shirt with a peter pan collar and cuffed sleeves. Just be sure you’ve got on your anklet socks and a high ponytail with the blue kerchief and you’ll be ready to rock around the clock!