Snow Leopard Women’s Costume


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A Rare SightThese days, you’ve been so busy, some of your friends and family barely see you! Some even say you are as elusive as a jungle cat. But you’ve held all your calls, put your Out of Office autoresponse on, and even took the day off for Halloween. You intend to make an entrance at your friend’s party, and stay long enough to catch up with everyone you know! Sounds like you’ll need a costume that is as cute as it is clever, not to mention something cozy you can wear all night long. May we suggest this Women’s Snow Leopard Costume? Snow leopards are rare, beautiful creatures, and anyone who gets to see one in person feels totally lucky—kind of like you! But beyond that, this costume is fierce! You’ll feel great as you waltz into the bash, well-rested from your morning off and ready to prowl the party in search of primo social time!Product DetailsThis ferociously fun costume is comprised of a darling dress with faux fur trim, a stuffed tail, and a boned bodice, for added structure. It’s printed in a pale grey/white and black leopard print, and mimics the rare pelts of real snow leopards. There are clear straps attached to the bodice to help it stay securely in place, and the front ribbon lacing is adjustable for comfort. Pull the hood over your head to turn yourself into the rare creature you are, a sassy little snow leopard with furry ears!Epic AdventuresNo one knows much about the lifestyle and habits of the elusive snow leopards, so whatever fun you get up to in this cuddly getup, could you report back? We’d really love to know all about it! If you prefer to remain out of the spotlight, we totally understand—this costume inspires maintaining your air of mystery!