Snow Leopard Child Costume


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Any true fan of the snow leopard can tell you that aside from the big cat’s spotted whitish fur, it’s known for being really hard to find, and not just because it’s a pretty rare kitty. Snow leopards just tend to keep to themselves, and they prefer cold climates and high altitudes. But that’s part of what makes this Snow Leopard Child Costume so great: you don’t have to trek through the highlands of central Asia to find one!Which is good, because if we went to the highlands of central Asia looking for snow leopards, we’re not sure we’d ever come back! If we did spot one, we probably wouldn’t want to leave it. And if we couldn’t locate any, we’d still find ourselves wandering through some of the most picturesque mountains in the world! Then again, our lungs don’t do so well with high altitude. Plus, we struggle with directions, even in languages that we speak fluently. Maybe you feel the same way.Well, while we’re all learning Russian and training to become mountaineers, this costume will have to tide us over. But at least this fashionable outfit comes complete with a dress (and tail for balance), a hood (with soft-sculpted ears for cuteness), and boot covers (with white faux fur for warmth). And a dappled look in black and white is always current! That makes this outfit a really stylish and convenient way to celebrate the fancy look worn by our favorite kind of feline!