SNL David S Pumpkins Long Sleeve Suit Costume Tee


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David is Cool. Suits are Lame.So, you love David S. Pumpkins. How could you not? There’s just one glaring problem keeping you from becoming your idol from SNL. You hate wearing a suit. People have tried making you a monkey suit before and you just won’t have it. You need to keep comfortable while you’re traversing through the world and a suit just cramps your style too much.That’s cool. We get it. We often have the same problem. That shouldn’t keep you from living out your dream of becoming the one and only David S. Pumpkins. You never have to even think about going near a suit when you wear this David S. Pumpkins Long Sleeve suit costume tee.Product DetailsThis long sleeve style t-shirt brings you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get an outfit that looks like the one worn by David S. Pumpkins from the Saturday Night Live sketch, but you also get a comfortable t-shirt that you can wear all night with no worries. The exterior has the Jack o lantern pattern, but it also has a printed coat front and tie. The only thing you need to do to turn this into a full costume is just grab your favorite pair of jeans and head out the door.Missing SkelliesThis comfortable shirt will have you looking like the wacky character in no time, but… isn’t something missing? Oh, that’s right! David S. Pumpkins needs a few skeleton b-boy dancers tagging along with him! If you plan on wearing this shirt as your costume, then make sure to grab a few of your friends and two of our skeleton costumes. Make sure they have their breakdancing moves down and you’d better make sure that you have your cool-guy thumbs up move ready for the masses!