Snake Charmer Costume


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On the dark streets of the shadiest parts of town you may run into an individual with a hidden talent. This musical genius can work a flute like no other. Once he plays a tune something will come out of his pants, his trusty snake Richard. The longer the song is played the more energetic Richard gets, which is weird, considering most snakes enter into a sort of dazed trance. Huh, I guess we never thought about that. Maybe someone should have a word or two with that flute player—you know, get to the bottom of this.Now you can try your hand at charming a snake with music in this hilarious costume. It’s comprised of a 100% polyester maroon red long-sleeve tunic with an attached tan vest, brown pants that open in the front, a soft, plush snake attached to the (admittedly fake) flute with fishing line, a colorful bead necklace, and a turban to match the tunic! Now that our gears are turning, we watched a nature documentary the other day. These little baby iguanas on the Galapagos islands hatched in the sand and felt an instinctive urge to get to the shore, where their parents laid basking in the sun on a rock. The only problem: hundreds of snakes lay in wait, behind rocks and in shadows, for the little iguanas to pass unsuspectingly by. We’re still mad about those sinister snakes, and we hope that you put your talents to better use than that street musician. You’d be our hero, dude.