Slimer Ghostbusters Big Mouth Candy Dish


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Delicious Ghost CandyFolks say that the spirit realm is just a little bit lacking when it comes to snacks. It sorta makes sense when you consider that the Day of the Dead and Halloween involve so many sweets and that is the time that spirits really love showing up! We think we’re on to a bit of something, here. Naturally, that means that ghosts are among the best creatures out there to evaluate how delicious a particular candy might be. That just means it’s time to get some help for your holidays!Product DetailsBring the most famous ghost out there home with you to keep your candies fresh and delicious with this officially licensed Slimer Big Mouth Candy Dish from Ghostbusters. This is a ceramic jar shaped and painted like the iconic and… slightly gooey ghost from the hit movie franchise. Give Slimer your cookies, your candies, your snacks… and even other stuff. We can even promise with a bit of hand washing, you’ll keep your treats from turning into a trick!For a Good SlimeTypically when you stuff your hand into the mouth of a ghost like Slimer, you come back with something less than tasteful. But with this Big Mouth Candy Dish, your Slimer pal only has delicious snacks and fantastic fun!