Slashed Skin Effects Applique


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Slipping on the StitchesAmong the ghostly denizens of the underworld, there is one critical debate that just won’t die. (Well, really, nothing dies down there for long, so that shouldn’t be too surprising.) But, it comes down to the aesthetic details of the slashed wrist. Some ghouls say that a few stitches are critical to give the scary look a little dramatic flair. The banshees won’t stop shrieking that they’d only be stitched if a visit to the witchdoctor didn’t quite work out. We can see both sides of the argument. How recent do you need a wound to look? Is it creepier to see that it’s still bleeding? The debate goes on!Product DetailsHelp us figure this one out when you try out this pair of Slashed Skin Special FX Appliques. Transform your wrists from the picture of health into the horrifying look of bleeding wounds with a simple application of these molded latex accessories. Instructions for proper use are included to make sure you get the look perfect.  Detailed DamageIf you’re looking to make an authentic haunt, be sure that you can show off your spooky scars. (All the better if they’re looking fresh.) Our Slashed Skin is just the way to bring your look to life. Pick up some spirit gum, then you can even modify the look with makeup or stitches of thread to make a realistic and ghastly impression.