Skull Print Women’s Tights


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Cramming for the TestSo, you’re in anatomy class and you’ve tried absolutely everything you can think of to memorize the human skeletal structure. You know there are 206 bones, but you can only remember half of them, despite making flashcards, reading textbooks, and drawing diagrams. You even made digital flashcards on the textbook’s website. There’s no study stone you haven’t turned over twice. You confuse the ulna with the radius, you keep thinking the capitate bone is in your head and not your hand. You’ve even tried singing songs to help you remember, but nothing is working!Product DetailsFear not, future doctor, we are here to help. Our suggestion is to forget about the 205 that aren’t the cranium. If, by chance, while struggling to identify the humerus on your exam, just look down at these cute new Women’s Skull Print Tights you own now, thanks to us, and take solace in the fact that you know have memorized the cranium by heart. But don’t worry about your performance on that test, because now you can wear your new tights out to a party or two. All’s well. You can thank us later, when all this comes to fruition, don’t worry!