Skeleton X-Ray Wall Accent


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Innovative TechnologyGraphic artists and tech-wizards are constantly coming up with amazing equipment that lets us stretch the boundaries of our imagination. We’ve got Snapchat filters that turn you into adorable animals. We’ve got new cameras that use sonar to look through walls. It was only a matter of time before the technology was combined to give us instant X-ray access to our own human framework! Product DetailsGet a really good look at Halloween horror when you hang this Skeleton X-Ray Wall Accent in your home. This is a three-panel decoration connected by a chain link. Each framed photo offers up the spooky look of a skull, ribcage, and pelvis of the human skeleton… as seen through either high-tier medical equipment or the eyes of a few magical creatures. How did we acquire them? Well, that will be the mystery that you can solve while watching the eager grins of your guests! A Serious Selfie FilterWe don’t recommend long periods of time behind the X-Ray machine. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about setting up a complicated Insta-filter when you hang this Skeleton X-Ray Wall Decor in your home. (Then again, you probably shouldn’t use this as a source for medical intel, either!)