Skeleton Sublimated Face Mask for Kids


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Spooky Silliness If skeletons were alive, they would probably be great at practical jokes. Think about it. Little Brother Skeleton could swap bones with Big Brother Skeleton while he sleeps. They could volunteer to be Halloween dummies and then scare the daylights out of trick-or-treaters. Plus, we bet that they would never be bothered about having good manners. Mama Skeleton can’t exactly tell Little Brother Skeleton not to talk with his mouth full because everyone can already see into his mouth anyway.Product DetailsWe might not be able to help you prank your family, but this Child’s Skeleton Sublimated Mask will keep you looking absolutely awesome while you cook up some skull-tacular mischief. It’s contoured to your nose and chin for a snug and comfortable fit, and elastic cord ear loops secure the face-covering in place. If you think about it, you’ll be wearing a skull over your skull. How wild is that?