Skeleton Piggyback Costume for Kids




How much candy did you get while trick-or –treating as a child? Did you fill one of those plastic pumpkin heads? Maybe you got half a pillow case? Well, if you were one of those little ones who did all of their Halloween laborings by foot walking from neighbor to neighbor then your candy intake might have been limited by your little legs. After all, these poor costumed children simply have shorter legs than us full grown adults. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to get hooked up with a Halloween themed ride for the night? While it may have been a little spooky to meet a skeleton at your door when you were leaving to go out into the night, even if it was willing to give you a ride for the evening but don’t worry, the skeleton in this costume seems pretty cheerful. This boney guy might not have been around for your childhood but he’s going to be around to give your kiddo a boost. A boost means hitting up more blocks and gathering more of that precious wrapped sugar. So, now that your kid is ready to hit the Halloween streets you can give your child that trick-or-treating hook up with this skeleton piggyback costume. Your child can slip their legs into the skeleton’s body to walk from house to house. If you want to go full throttle your child can don another costume on their top with a simple pirate shirt or ninja top. With two costumes people behind those doors are going to tell that kiddo to take a whole handful of those mini candy bars. You know what that means? You’ll really rake in those candy taxes.