Skeleton Dress Costume for Women


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No Need to Dread the DeadDid you know that seventy-five percent of the souls who rise from the typical grave will never scare a living soul? A further fifty percent of the terrifying hauntings that do happen are accidental or coincidental. For instance, a ghost might be piling up chairs for fun, thinking no one is home when suddenly a living resident comes into the kitchen and starts screaming. If we back up for a wider perspective, we can even understand the piling of household goods. Piling up chairs might not seem fun to us but we can’t fly and are occupied with living life most of the time. Many classic hauntings can simply be chalked up to a serious case of spiritual boredom. That’s why we’re entreating our costumes this year to give the ghouls and phantoms a break. While screaming might come naturally when you see a misty creature appear in your living room, imagine how insulting it might be to a ghost who just wants to let you know that you left the basement light on again. What, you thought someone was buried in the cellar? Nope, that celestial being just wants to help you keep your electric bill low. That’s what roommates, living or dead, do for each other!Product DetailsKeep your Halloween simple while giving a nod to any polite and quiet spirits around you in this pretty tank dress with a white skeleton printed on the front. You can layer this look with thigh-high knee highs or tight to keep warm during a misty, spooky Halloween night or simply throw this on a keep your costume easy, breezy. A Graveside FavWe all know that the skeletons are the elite of the ghost world. Impress all the other sheet-like spooks and spirits with this bone print ensemble. Stand out even more by pairing this dress with some chains to clank and moan with. Keep it cool this Halloween and flaunt those bones.