Skeleton Adult Kigurumi


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The Coziest CryptWe think of the afterlife as cold and dark but it doesn’t have to be. When this ghost passed on, the spirit wanted to make sure their existence in the great beyond was comfy! Instead of walking around in a sheet, this phantom chose to haunt it’s a house in a flannel blankie. And while some spirits cast a cold draft, this spirit made the living feel like they were walking through a puddle of sunlight. Not everyone goes on to have a comfy haunt when they retire to the great beyond, but those that do are 90% more welcomed by the living folks they hang around! Are you wondering how you can make your spooky side more snuggly? This skeleton Kigurumi is just the thing. Button it up and watch as your haunting creates a homey mood wherever you roam! Costume DetailsFor those Halloween revelers that want to be sure and stay cozy in the brisk October weather, the Kigurumi is the perfect choice. A purposefully over-sized suit that can button up over everyday clothes, it’s an easy look that’ll transform you into a classic skeleton in a moment. While it’s a great choice for dressing up for work or school, these costumes are also a lot of fun to wear while lounging around the house. It even has two pockets so you have somewhere to stash some Halloween candy for impromptu snacking!Dark Not DismalJust because you’re dressed up as a bag of bones doesn’t mean your Halloween costume is gloomy! In fact, we think the bones of this skeleton are pretty cute! Whether you’re wearing this skeleton Kigurumi to stay at home and distribute treats to the little neighborhood ghouls or you’re actually trick-or-treating yourself, you’ll feel festive and cozy once your all buttoned up in your skeleton disguise!