Silver Gogo Boots for Women




Gogo going GoneThe above title is misleading. We’re just being honest. Because while go-go dancing has been going on for a long time, it’s never left the scene. Really, it’s just morphed. When go-go dancing first popped up in clubs, the wild dancing didn’t take long to catch on. After only a few years of people flooding to the live music events, television caught on. While go-go dancing on TV was far less risque, the dancers that were broadcasted nationally mainstreamed their streamlined style. We still see their fantastic style to this day. Short skirts, high-waisted shorts, and shift dresses worn with these boots will all bring the dance-ready style to life!Product DetailsWant to be ready shimmy into character? These boots will bring all sorts of costumes to life. From aliens costumes to disco looks, the three-inch heel will elevate your ensemble. The high calf zips along the side for a fast fit. Dancing with the StarsDisco dancing will always be more fun with metallic sparkle and shine. Find all sorts of other go-go accessories in our 70’s catalog. Bright costumes, modern bobs, and laid-back sunnies all go with these fantastic mod boots. What better look to inspire awesome moves on the dancefloor?