Silver Glitter Eyelashes Top & Bottom Set


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Frozen in a DreamA swirl of frozen air blows open the door ahead of you. With an equally dramatic move, you practically glide into the room filled with people. Their elaborate costumes grow dim as your glittering number seems to steal the attention of every party light and wandering gaze. From head to toe, you’re a sparkling depiction of winter come alive. White, silver, and palest blue fabrics shimmer with your every move. You’ve taken the time to coordinate your hair and nails to match your frosty appearance; even your makeup has taken on the look of ice…Product DescriptionMake your costume dreams become a reality without missing even the slightest detail when you add this Silver Glitter Top and Bottom Eyelash Set to your Halloween makeup! Featuring 2 top lashes and 2 bottom lashes, eyelash glue, and instructions, this kit works for every makeup level, beginner to professional. Add the necessary sparkle to your dazzling eye makeup with the silver glitter coated lashes, and you’re sure to make an impression wherever you go!Spectacular SparkleWhether you’re working on your social media glam or getting dolled up for an epic Halloween costume, this silver eyelash set has you covered! Turn everyday looks into striking works of art. Take your ice queen costume to the next frosty level. Or let your makeup dreams run wild with these flashy accessories!