Shoulder Belt With Prop Guns


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Avast ye scurvy scoundrel! If you be seeking treasure, then you best be bringing a might of insurance with you. And we don’t mean the kind you buy from some guy wearing a business suit. We mean the kind that goes BOOM! It’s the only kind that will protect you from all the other pirates who’ll be eying your treasure up. That’s why you need this belt with gun set.Okay, so maybe these are just toy guns, but they’re still quite intimidating to any swashbuckler that you bump into during your adventures on the high seas. The set comes with an adjustable belt that you can fasten around your shoulder, bandolier style. The belt also has 3 slots, where you can fit the included toy pirate pistols. Pair it up with your pirate costume and you’ll at least look like a deadly pirate, ready to defend his treasure with a plethora of firepower.