Share Bear Face Mask Pack


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Not Sharing Is CaringSharing is sweet. You can share a joke, share a smile, share a secret, even. But sharing germs isn’t the kind of sharing that Share Bear is all about. That’s why we’re celebrating the act of showing you care with this Share Bear Face Mask pack. When you’re wearing one of these masks, people won’t have to see your sweet smile to know that you care!Design & DetailsThese fully-licensed Share Bear Care Bear masks are Made By Us with care in mind! They come in three prints, a Share Bear scatter print, a sweet icecream design printed on white, and one that shows Share Bear’s happy smile where your smile should be. Slip the cotten straps around your ears and you’ll be ready to show the world that you care!Ticket to Care-a-lotAre you ready to jump into Care Bears face first? We have everything you need to indulge your adorable interests. From full-body costumes to Hoodies, you can take your love of Care Bears as far as you want. Whether you’re pairing these masks with our Share Bear costume or simply adding a little more joy to your day-to-day ensemble, these Care Bear masks are sure to bring you a little closer to Care-a-lot!