Sexy Men’s Christmas Elf Costume


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North Pole PageantryWhen we think of Santa’s Little Helpers, we don’t typically think of them as seductive. They’re all red felt and curly shoes, how could they be flirtatious? But here’s the thing, just like us, elves have a work wardrobe. Those curly shoes protect their toes in a whimsical way when they’re making toys for all the good girls and boys. Their bright, shapeless coats work well to keep them comfortable when running errands in the North Pole. But when the working day is done, those elves really know how to let loose. Elf clubs and cocktail parties aren’t well known but they are a sight to behold! All that Christmas spirit doesn’t ebb when they’re off the clock, they just get more elegant! Sparkles, edgy cuts, and a tighter fit will help you break into the elusive North Pole party scene this holiday season!Design & DetailsThis Sexy Elf Costume is Made By Us, which means it was designed by our in-house creative team. The green velvet-textured top has a daring v-neck and a black belt cinching the waist. The zig-zag hem around the sleeves and hip is decorated with sparkly pom-poms. The striped shorts are layered underneath the short tunic to make this elf costume complete!It’s a Wrap! Just like a present isn’t complete without a bow, this costume isn’t complete without a hat. Choose your own style out of our many Santa hat styles to make this look your own! Perfect for parties, this costume can be paired with our Sexy Santa costumes and you’ll be the epitome of holly and jolly. Just remember, Christmas comes but once a year, you’ve gotta make the most of every part of it! Just remember, if boys and girls expect you to come bearing gifts, your presence is their present!