Sexy Men’s Angel Costume


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A New, Gilded LeafYou’re finally doing it. You’re turning over a whole new leaf. No more littering in public places. No more cheap tips for your neighborhood barista. No more dog-earring library books or honking repeatedly in traffic or promising to chip in for pizza with your pals but somehow always “forgetting.” Nope. That was the old you. The new you is shining with golden light. The new you picks up litter while you go about your morning walk and overtips everywhere he goes. The new you volunteers at your local library and bikes to work and treats your friends to pizza every Friday night. The new you is an angel. It’s time to show the whole world how you’ve changed! This Men’s Sexy Angel Costume is the perfect way to illustrate just how good being good can look on you! Wear it out this Halloween and use the eye-catching outfit to strike up conversations about conservation and philanthropy. Remember, kind is sexy. The fact that your muscles get to peek out from under this tunic is just icing on the cake!Product DetailsThis golden angel costume comes with everything you need to look absolutely heavenly—except for the selfless serenity. That you’ll have to provide yourself. But you will get the one-shouldered tunic, briefs, and belt, along with a pair of shining gold armbands and wrist cuffs. The striking wings and signature halo are also part of the look!Be GoodRemember to be good on Halloween, especially while wearing this Grecian-inspired angel look. We couldn’t be more proud of all the progress you have made. We’d say that in this costume, you look like the complete package, but we think you already know that!