Sexy Hollywood Honey Costume


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Whenever you are looking for a brand new heroine to help solve an insidious crime plot on the Hollywood set, it is crucial that you find the right attributes in the perfect starlet. You need some serious brains. The gal needs to be able to figure out bad guy from good and know exactly what to say to get the bad guys on the wrong trail and the good guys to do precisely what they’re told. ‘Cause, either way, those men are going to try to steal the stage and call the shots… but we all know that our favorite femme fatale is the one that we’re hooting for!In order to disguise her hidden brilliance, it always helps to have a particular set of moves to distract the critical eye that is watching the scene. Some vocal skills and swaying hips already belong perfectly in the Film Noir genre, so it only makes sense to augment those as best we might. And, last… red. The color of passion makes all guys go loopy, so the villains are going to slip up and the good guys are ready to follow your every word.We have the perfect blend of look and you’ve got the perfect set of talents and critical eye to take command of this hard-boiled mystery. Step into the role with this Sexy Hollywood Honey costume. This strapless red gown zips up the back and has a fitted princess-cut bust line. The sultry slit from the hemline up to your left thigh gives you the mobility to hustle after the criminals should you need and the suave stance to distract them while your hubby bunny goes for the clues. Elbow length purple gloves make for a fitting contrast and heightened allure. Complement your look with a Fever Chloe Neon Red Wig and you might as well have hopped right out of the silver screen!