Sexy Good Guys Doll Women’s Costume


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A DOLLop of TroubleOkay, so here’s the thing. Chucky is a seriously creepy looking doll. Right when you see him, you know this toy is up to no good. Something about those too-wide blue eyes…but nothing is safe from the powers of a cute costume! Witches and cats are easy. Are you looking for a challenge? Those looking for a more, shall we say, flattering take on Chucky’s style are in luck. You can be both sultry and terrifying in this Women’s Sexy Good Guys Doll Costume!Product DetailsThis dress and shirt combo takes Chucky’s overalls and sweater to the next level. The striped shirt features long, cold shoulder cutouts and a high neckline. The overalls-styled dress cuts lower than a regular pair would, starting right under the bust. The red buttons are merely decorative, as the straps are all one piece with the dress. These overalls zip up the back. A bit of red ribbon along the hem ties in nicely with the red Good Guys logo on the torso. Finish off the look by decorating your hair with the provided hair ribbons! We love the stockings and heels look, too. If you like it as well, check our website for some great options.If Looks Could KillIn this short dress and stylish shirt, you will definitely have a killer look! You can keep it clean and wear as is, or you could accessorize with a knife and some fake blood. How scary is your sexiness? That’s entirely up to you!