Sexy Chef Costume | Chef Halloween Costume For Women


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Are you ready to be everybody’s absolute favorite? Well, it’s common knowledge that everyone loves somebody in a cute outfit that is a culinary genius. You’ll be exactly that, with this Sexy Chef Costume! You will look downright adorable and ready to take charge of a five-star kitchen.Ready to whip up the tastiest Halloween anyone’s ever celebrated? Slip on this white poplin dress and become the chef that everyone hopes is cooking their meals. A lot of people may try to sweet talk you into giving away your secret recipes but assure them that those secrets are going with you to the grave. The included chef’s toque hat completes this fun culinary-themed costume. However, you can always spice things up a bit by adding a few accessories. First off, you can grab a petticoat like the one depicted in the picture above to give a little bounce to this darling dress. Then, we think a wooden spoon or a ladle would be a fine way to spruce-up this outfit. Of course, you could also cook up plenty of laughs when you walk around with a rubber chicken!Gather up a few friends to dress up as huge vegetables and one to be the tasty entrée for a fun kitchen themed Halloween. You, obviously, will be the star of the group, though, because you’ll be preparing the mouth-watering meal! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a top chef then get your hands on this Sexy Chef Costume and turn the heat up in the kitchen this Halloween.