Sesame Street Cookie Monster Union Suit Costume for Women


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COOKIES? Om Nom Nom!Let’s face it. Cookie Monster is right—cookies are the best. Even though we should really try to keep our cookie consumption to a minimum for health reasons, it’s sometimes hard to resist the urge to go bonkers for a plate of chocolate chip cookies. And if they’re fresh out of the oven, with the chocolate still a little bit gooey? Forget about it!We think it’s okay to indulge your inner Cookie Monster from time to time. Sure, you have to read the room a little bit. You can’t go full Cookie Monster when you spot a plate of cookies at the next office meeting. You can, however, go full Cookie Monster when you bake a fresh batch of snickerdoodles while wearing this Sesame Street Cookie Monster Union Suit though!Product DetailsThis union suit is a pajama-style Cookie Monster costume for women. It’s officially licensed from Sesame Street and it’s the perfect outfit to wear when indulging in a few cookies! The suit is made out of an ultra-soft fleece material that will have you feeling quite cozy. The suit has an attached hood in the back and fits with a simple zipper in the front. The front also has “Me Want Cookie” embroidered onto the front with a couple of chocolate chip cookies for good measure. Of course, the most adorable part about this pajama costume has to be the hood, which has plenty of Cookie Monster details designed right into it. Put it all together and you have a look that’s ready for snacktime… or naptime!From Snacktime to NaptimeIf you loved the Cookie Monster as a kid, or if you just want an outfit that keeps you feeling comfy during cookie time, this officially licensed Sesame Street costume is the way to go!