Sequin Red Velvet Skull Pillow | Gothic Halloween Decor


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For Your Unique SpaceAre your sleeping arrangements in need of an upgrade? Are you sick of the ivory satin you’ve been resting in for years? Maybe the lace-edged pillow isn’t keeping you comfortable anymore? It can be such a pain to give your coffin a trendy update, which is why you’ve been lounging in the same vintage bedding for eons. But, fret no more! We’re here to help! Whether you’re decorating for your favorite holiday, giving your rebellious vampire-teen a room make-over, or simply replacing your own pillows, this Red Velvet Sequin Skull Pillow is sure to help!Product DetailsGive your space a spooky and glittery lift with this luxurious decorative pillow. The deep burgundy velvet is paired with black sequins to create an edgy yet sophisticated look. Give your couch a Halloween update, add a splash of bold color to your bedroom, or finally get that dusty old coffin into the 21st-century with this Red Velvet Skull Pillow.Problem-Solving PillowIsn’t it amazing what a simple change in décor can do for a person? Dracula picked up one of these pillows when his child was fussing about how boring their coffin looked and he said they’ve been delightful since! So, whether it’s your coffin or your living room that needs a pick-me-up, look no further than this unique pillow.