Sequin Day of the Dead Dress for Women


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Graveyard GlitzIt started with an invitation in the mail. The paper was heavy and written in the fancy foiled script was a simple place and time. 999 Cemetary Lane, 12:01 AM, October 20th. Well, there’s no way you’re going to miss a party that starts a minute into Halloween. You arrive in style and there it is, the old morgue with mysterious music coming from the dimly lit door. You’re greeted by a man that’s taller than the door itself and whiter than most of the marble gravestones in the graveyard.The house is full of sophisticated folks in long dresses and suits dressed as devils, vampires, and gladiators. You move through the dignified crowd, the rooms are draped in black velvet, mood lighting everywhere you look. Than you see it, your image reflected in the mirror. Horror moves through you. You really shouldn’t have dressed as a hairy gremlin. Here’s a tip for next time. Even if you’re heading to a monster mash, you don’t have to look monstrous!Product DetailsWant to tread the line between sexy and spooky this year? This dress has your back! The luxurious look has a sequin pattern of skulls and roses. The tank dress is simple enough to slip on at a moment’s notice but it gorgeous enough to give you the confidence it requires to commandeer the dance floor!Rose from the DeadAre you ready to look deathly and dashing? Pair this dress with our Day of the Dead themed tights, long silky gloves, and sugar skull makeup and you’ll have a costume to die for. Want to keep it casual? Rock this dress under a blazer and you’ll be ready to roll! Dead never looked so good. And hey, you only have one afterlife, you’d better haunt this one right!