Sequin Bat Dress for Women


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Creature of the NightBats deserve our respect. Too often they’re seen as gross vessels for Rabies or confused flying mice that just want to get tangled in your hair. Umm, no. They’re the tiny rulers of the night! They keep biting nighttime insects in check, a bat with a bug-based diet can eat up to 8,000 mosquitoes a night. Feeling confident as a two-legged mammal that’s been around since the Paleolithic Age? Pshh, get over it. Bats may have been zooming around for 100 million years at this point. If there’s any creature of the night to honor, it’s these fast flying furry creatures! So let’s get over our fear and make them sparkle with this lovely sequin bat dress. Product DetailsThis gorgeous black dress is a great way to keep it classy on Halloween night. The dress has black sequins throughout with white bats in a scatter pattern to make your look dynamic. Simply pull it over your head, style it to your liking and you’re ready to fly. Cheerie and EerieWant a Halloween look that’ll look as amazing on the dance floor as it will at a fancy dinner? Pair this look with our bat tights and long black gloves and you’ll feel like the queen of the night!