Screwed Up Latex Costume Accessory


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Doomed DIYWhen you found out how much money it was going to cost to remodel your kitchen, you knew it was time to learn some hands-on skills. At first, it went okay. You replaced the backsplash and it looked pretty great. Then you refinished your cabinet doors and started getting a little overly confident! You really should have looked up a few tutorials about replacing linoleum before you just went at it with your screwdriver. Every Youtube tutorial will tell you that it’s important to use the right tool for the job. Still, it looks like this screwdriver missed the essential organs and maybe this will be an important lesson to you. Actually, now that we’re thinking about it, you might just want to hire a professional next time!Product DetailsA perfect blend of freaky and fun, this screwdriver latex accessory is great for zombie costumes as well as dressing up as the worst construction worker ever. Coming in two pieces, you can place this screwdriver just show to make it look like you had a major mishap. While spirit gum might work, the best way to secure this applique is liquid latex. Add plenty of blood and you’ll have a Halloween masterpiece that’s sure to turn heads and stomachs!