Scottish Lassie Costume for Women


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Have you ever wanted visit the Scottish Highlands? It’s a place where history still lives. If you play your cards right you’ll end up in a traffic jam, that is you’ll wait ten minutes on a country lane waiting for a flock of sheep to make their way back home. Sure, people in Scotland have all of the modern conveniences we have everywhere else but tradition seems to live on there better than most places. Who knows why, maybe it’s the weather?It’s not hard to find traditional music in the highlands, people get together on their tin whistles, fiddles, and of course, bagpipes just for fun, forget if there is an audience in the pub or not. Speaking of the pubs it’s easy to get caught up in the old world vibe when you step into a Scottish pub and they’re still heating the place with a peat fire. The aged plant matter that’s been dug up from local bars gives off an unforgettable scent, it’s the same scent that gives a good Scotch it’s particular earthy flavor. To get that Scottish sensation without the airfare, try this costume on for size, you’ll be quoting Bobby Burns poetry in no time.With all the tradition that’s still thriving in the highlands it’s no wonder that people such as yourself are drawn to the tartan. Those Scottish roots are worth reconnecting to. When you’re dressed as a highland lass, you’ll not only feel connected but you’re 99.9 percent more likely to be asked to take part in one of those legendary highland dances. Just be sure let out a hearty “slàinte” before you step into your first reel.