School Bus Handbag


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Schools RuleToo cool for school? Naw. More like a fool for school. Why should you be able to get enough? Schools have everything you need. Drama. Life lessons. Regular lessons. Just walk into your local elementary school and you’ll feel waves of nostalgia as you smell that distinct elementary odor. All schools smell the same. They smell like crayons, glue, and something strange that we’ve never really been able to put our fingers on. But the best part of school was that feeling of riding on the bus. There was so much energy! You’d sing songs, play clapping games, and trade schoolyard secrets. What better way to accessorize your teacher or student costume than an iconic yellow school bus purse?Product DetailsThis yellow school bus is a great way to compliment your costume. Store your phone, wallet, and keys without interrupting your look. The bag doesn’t take up much room, simply slip it over your wrist and you’re good to go. The five-inch wide handbag has funny functional phrases printed on the side to give you a whole new level of detail. And when you’re done using the bag as a purse, it can function as a wallet! Simply detach the wristlet and throw it in your bag to use it as a wallet. Looks like your old purse has been schooled!