Scary Scarecrow Women’s Costume


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Scare More Than CrowsHonestly, it’s no wonder scarecrows have been inspiring horror films and terrifying costumes for so long. Is there really anything spookier than one standing out there in a field and glaring down at, well, everything? Come the chilly fall they start to feel supernatural. Their hay-filled bodies sway in the wind—they look alive and ready to get into all sorts of mischief.You’ve heard the classic scary stories that tell of migrating scarecrows, right? Stories about field guardians that are friends with overgrown crows and ready to frighten small children and practical adults alike? It’s giving us chills just remembering the last one we saw at a corn-maze. It was all covered in cobwebs and dirt. That ratty, old specimen looked more like it had been dug up from a grave than pulled from a dusty closet…You know exactly the kind of spooky we’re talking about, you like it, and that’s why you’re looking to become a scarecrow for Halloween.Product DetailsIn this Women’s Scary Scarecrow Costume you’ll look just as charmingly creepy as any well-made scarecrow. The classicly-inspired plaid and denim-blue dress is just the right place to start to get your costume together. Decorated with patches, hay-colored fringe, and a burlap collar, this scarecrow dress offers just enough of a rustic vibe. Accented with a patchwork hat and rope belt, you’ll be ready to hang out and scare all who pass you by.All in a LookThere’s nothing inherently spooky about a scarecrows clothing, the true terror comes in at the face. So, don’t forget to get your makeup on just right. Darken those eyes, brighten that nose, and add some stitch marks to your mouth to complete your scary scarecrow costume. Or maybe, for our sake, you could go with rosy cheeks, sweet freckles, and a big happy grin?