Scary Laughing Man Kid’s Costume


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A Toy Gone WrongWhat if toys retained the actions, feelings, and motives of their owners? That question is answered in a pretty horrifying and riveting way in the stories of Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack was once a happy Jack-in-the-Box toy, looking out for his kid. But when that child, Isaac, becomes a serial killer, Jack loses all of his bright colors and turns to a life of murder as well. Isaac may have gotten his rightful end, but creepypasta legends claim that Jack is still out there, befriending unsuspecting children before killing them. Scary but entertaining, right? If your child loves the creepypasta genre of stories, then this Kid’s Scary Laughing Man Costume is the perfect option for Halloween.Product DetailsThis black and white bodysuit encompasses the whole body, from the toes to the crown of the head. The long, striped 3D nose is a big feature on this suit! A long zipper at the back gives enough room for the child to step into the costume and pull their arms and head in afterwards. While there is some vision possible through the hood, take note that it is harder to see in this costume. Simply pull down the hood for a better view. Pop on the wig, and Laughing Jack is complete!Out To Kill…Some Candy!For the kids that want to be truly creepy this Halloween, this demonic toy creation is an excellent and hair-raising choice. Now, do people hand out more candy to scary trick or treaters? There’s only one way to find out! May your candy bags be full and your spooky desires fulfilled this Halloween season. And if you see someone who claims to be your imaginary friend, turn away and run for your life! The real Laughing Man is still out there…