Saturday Night Live Adult Plus Size David S. Pumpkins Costume


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Any Questions?What’s going on with David S. Pumpkins? He’s weird. He wears a suit full of jack o’ lanterns, so he’s vaguely Halloween-themed. He’s friends with a couple of skeleton breakdancers for some reason. He also has a strange tuft of white hair going on the top of his head. He’s always hanging out by elevator doors and he has an odd resemblance to America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks. Where did he come from? We’re not sure. What does the “S” stand for? It’s a mystery! Why does he do what he does?  Only he (and the writers at SNL) truly know!Do you get David S. Pumpkins? Don’t worry, no one really does. That’s kind of the point—it’s a part of his charm. Maybe you can start to get inside of the head of David when you wear this officially licensed costume from Saturday Night Live.Product DetailsThis Adult David S. Pumpkins Costume is a plus size version of his iconic outfit from the Saturday Night Live sketch. It starts with a suit jacket, which has a button-up front, along with faux pocket flaps in the front. Of course, the jacket has an all-over print of David’s signature jack o’ lantern pattern! The matching pants fit with an elastic band in the waist and continue the pumpkin theme. Finally, the costume comes with a pre-tied necktie that will fit with most dress shirts. We recommend pairing this outfit with a black button-up shirt from your closet to complete the look!Authentic PumpkinsWhether you want to figure out what David S. Pumpkins is all about, or you just want to hang outside of elevators to confuse people, this officially licensed costume will have you looking great! Just remember to make friends with some breakdancing skeletons to really make this look like the real deal!