Sassy I Love Lucy Costume


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You were all set to dress up as a mermaid for Halloween. Then you overheard your pal, Ralph, tell a group of folks that he “just doesn’t think women are very funny.” And now? Ralph’s got some ‘splaining to do!Long before your fave female comedians hit the scene, Lucille Ball was serving up laughs (along with dinner). This Sassy I Love Lucy Costume allows you to play out some of the show’s funniest moments so that Ralph can learn a thing or two. You could fill the party’s bathtub up with grapes and stomp around until they become wine (we’re sure the host won’t mind). You can dress up like Harpo Marx and try to trick a pal. Or (best idea yet!) you can even set up a conveyor belt of candy to run through the entire soiree and relive what is maybe one of the funniest physical comedy scenes in history (and the best battle of the sexes). Whatever you do tonight, lady, do it hilariously…and don’t let Ralph out of your sight! You’ll make him eat his words (and probably a whole bunch of candy, not that he deserves it.)Even if someone could mistake this polka dot dress and white apron combo, the high-quality red curly Lucy wig will make it crystal clear which funny gal you’re embodying. Your crackerjack personality, paired with this fail-proof costume, is bound to put Ralph in his place faster than he can say, “Vitameatavegamin.”