SAO: Kirito’s Dark Repulser Foam Sword


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Thank You, Lisbeth!The Dark Repulser is a testament to Lisbeth’s craftsmanship. Not only could it withstand Kirito’s blistering fast sword techniques, but it also delivered the finishing blow to Heathcliff’s shield in the final battle for Sword Art Online. If you plan on doing battle with every manner of monster and level boss, there’s no better sword to have at your side.Of course, getting a hold of Lisbeth is easier said than done and we’re not exactly sure where you can find the Crystalline Ingots needed to craft it. The good news is that you can always use this handy Sword Art Online replica sword while you quest to find the materials for the sword.Product DetailsThis Sword Art Online Dark Repulser sword is a realistic foam replica based on Kirito’s signature weapon from the anime series. The exterior of the blade is made entirely of soft, but sturdy foam. The interior is made of a rigid plastic core that helps keep the sword’s form.Dual BladesThis version of Kirito’s sword may not quite be capable of shattering Heathcliff’s shield, but it will deliver the finishing touch to your Sword Art Online Cosplay outfit. Pair it up with the Elucidator and you’ll be ready to master the Dual Blade technique for yourself!